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Camping Lanterns Guide – Some Things to Consider

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Camping is a great family activity. Allowing the family to enjoy the great outdoors and having the essential equipment will certainly help make your camping trip much more enjoyable. Most campsites no longer allow camp fires. Therefore one of the main accessories you will need will be some form of lighting. Torches are good for when you are walking to the showers or toilets at night, but the area that they can light is very limited. Ideally your first choice should be a camping lantern. Specially designed camping lanterns help to light a much wider area, which means that your day doesn’t have to end as soon as it goes dark.

There are several types of camping lanterns on the market; one of the most important points to consider is how the lantern is powered. There are rechargeable lanterns that can be charged during the day from your car cigarette lighter. There are also fuel powered lanterns, these run on either liquid fuel or unleaded petrol, where ever you may camp you are never really far away from a garage. The Coleman Northstar lantern is the worlds most famous dual fuel camping lantern, first produced over one hundred and nine years ago. It is still a worldwide best seller. One big drawback to fuel powered lanterns is that they can only be used outside, as a result these will be of little use if you are simply wishing to sit inside the living area of the tent. The last type of camping lanterns are battery powered. These have the obvious drawback of needing expensive batteries which may not always be on hand locally to where you are.

LED camping lanterns tend to be the brightest lanterns on the market, the bulbs should never need replacing with an average lifetime expectancy of fifty to hundred thousand hours. When fully charged, dependent on the model. Rechargeable LED lanterns can give up to eighteen hours of light, enough to get you through the darkest nights. The lantern can then be fully recharged, usually within four to five hours.

The last kind of lantern on the market is the wind up lantern, these tend to be very poor. The ones we have tested stated ” one minute of winding equals twenty minutes of light” the first minute tended to be bright, but then in every one of the lanterns we tested the light went very dim. On average, the lights would need rewinding again after seventeen to eighteen minutes. This would become annoying very fast and would personally make me just want to go to bed.

Having a camping lantern can also prove to be very useful around the home, for example, if the electric failed then a lantern would provide you with a full night of light and would allow you to fully light a room in your house.